What Is the Weight of a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck?

The Ford F-150 pickup truck has been a staple of the American car market since it was first introduced in 1975. It has remained one of the most popular vehicles in America ever since, thanks to its rugged durability, comfortable ride, and great performance.

The Ford F-150 is also known for its impressive payload capacity, which means it can handle large loads without putting too much strain on the vehicle’s frame. So, how much does a Ford F-150 pickup truck weigh?

The weight of a Ford F-150 pickup truck varies depending on the model year, trim level, and engine size. The standard model weighs between 4,800 and 5,200 pounds depending on configuration.

The higher trim levels are heavier due to additional features such as four-wheel drive and larger engines. There are also some special edition models that are even heavier due to added equipment such as a beefier suspension or larger tires.

The weight of the Ford F-150 is important when considering its payload capacity. In order to safely carry cargo and passengers in a vehicle, you must have enough weight capacity remaining after subtracting the vehicle’s own weight from its rated capacity. For example, a 2018 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab with a 3.3L V6 engine has a payload capacity of 1,610 lbs when loaded with gasoline and oil but subtracting its own weight of 4,921 lbs leaves only 1,311 lbs available for cargo and passengers – not enough for heavier loads like camping gear or tools.


The Ford F-150 pickup truck is one of America’s most popular vehicles thanks to its rugged durability and great performance. When considering how much it can carry safely it is important to keep in mind that its own weight varies depending on the model year and trim level – ranging from 4,800 – 5200lbs – which must be subtracted from its payload capacity rating in order to determine how much cargo or passengers it can safely carry at one time.

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