What Is the Widest Semi Truck?

The widest semi truck is an important consideration for those who need to transport large items like furniture, construction materials, and more. Semi trucks are used in the transportation of goods across the globe and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

When it comes to transporting large items, having the widest semi truck can make all the difference.

Semi trucks are typically made with a single axle and a double-axle configuration. The single-axle configuration provides stability for smaller loads, while double-axle trucks can be used to carry larger loads due to their increased stability and weight capacity. Double-axle semi trucks are usually wider than single-axle models, allowing for more room in the cargo bay.

The width of a semi truck is determined by its frame size. This frame size determines how wide the truck will be including the cab, cargo area, and extra components like bumpers or side panels.

Generally speaking, the longer the frame size is, the wider the truck will be. The typical widths range from 102 inches to more than 116 inches.

Some of the widest semi trucks available on the market today include:

  • Volvo VNL 780: This truck has a maximum width of 116 inches.
  • Freightliner Cascadia: This model has a maximum width of 114 inches.
  • Kenworth T680: This model has a maximum width of 112 inches.
  • Peterbilt 579:: This model has a maximum width of 111 inches.


The widest semi truck available is Volvo’s VNL 780 with a maximum width of 116 inches. It offers superior stability for carrying large items due to its double-axle configuration and is one of the most popular models among commercial drivers. It also features advanced technology such as an engine that meets stringent emission standards and improved fuel efficiency.


Conclusion: In conclusion, Volvo’s VNL 780 is currently considered to be one of the widest semi trucks on the market today with its 116 inch maximum width. Its double axle configuration provides superior stability when carrying large loads and its advanced technology makes it one of most reliable options among commercial drivers.

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