What Kind of Suspension Does a Monster Truck Have?

Monster truck suspension is like no other. It is designed to be able to handle the extreme jumps, drops and landings that a monster truck makes.

They are built like a tank, with an incredibly strong chassis and suspension components that can take the punishment of hard landings.

The most important component of a monster truck’s suspension is its shocks. The shocks help to absorb the impact of jumps, drops and landings, and keep the vehicle from bottoming out on the ground or bouncing too much after landing.

They are usually large in size, with long travel and large reservoirs that hold more oil than regular car shocks. This allows them to absorb more force from bigger jumps and landings.

Monster trucks also use heavy-duty springs for suspension. These springs are designed to be stiffer than those used in regular cars, so they don’t compress too much when a monster truck takes off into the air or lands hard on the ground. This helps keep the chassis level so that it doesn’t bottom out or twist when it lands.

In addition to these two components, monster trucks also use anti-sway bars which connect the left side of the vehicle to the right side. This helps reduce body roll when cornering and keeps the wheels planted firmly on the ground during hard acceleration or braking.

Overall, monster truck suspension is built tough to handle all of the extreme conditions they put it through during competitions. The combination of heavy-duty shocks, stiff springs and anti-sway bars all work together to give these vehicles a smooth ride no matter how hard they hit the ground.

Conclusion: Monster trucks have an incredibly strong chassis and suspension system designed for maximum performance under extreme conditions. They use heavy-duty shocks, stiff springs and anti-sway bars for improved control when jumping and cornering.

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