What Kind of Tow Truck Is Mater From Cars?

Mater is a beloved character from the Cars movie series. He is a rusty old tow truck that serves as the best friend of Lightning McQueen.

Mater is often seen helping out his friends in Radiator Springs with his towing abilities. He may not look like much, but Mater’s tow truck capabilities are definitely something to be admired!

Mater’s tow truck is an iconic 1961 International Harvester Tow Truck. It has a unique look, with its bright red paint and rusty exterior.

It also has a large towing winch on the front, two large headlights, and a ladder on the back that can be used for reaching higher heights. The back of the truck also has two large storage boxes, which are perfect for carrying tools and other items.

Mater’s tow truck is equipped with several features that make it ideal for any towing job. It has a powerful engine that allows it to tow vehicles of all sizes and weights.

In addition, it has a hydraulic system that helps lift heavier objects onto its flatbed trailer. It also has an adjustable wheelbase and adjustable suspension, so it can easily maneuver over rough terrain.

The most impressive feature of Mater’s tow truck is its ability to transform into different forms when needed. In one scene from Cars 3, Mater transforms into an airplane in order to help Lightning McQueen escape from an enemy plane! This transformation capability makes Mater one of the most versatile tow trucks around.


What kind of Tow Truck is Mater from Cars? He is a 1961 International Harvester Tow Truck with a powerful engine, hydraulic system, adjustable wheelbase and suspension, as well as the unique ability to transform into various forms when needed. This makes him one of the most versatile tow trucks around!

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