What Kind of Truck Do You Need to Pull a 7000 Lb Camper?

When you need to pull a 7000 lb. camper, you need a truck with enough power, torque, and towing capacity to get the job done. To decide what kind of truck you will need, you will have to consider what engine size, axle ratio, and transmission type are the best for your needs.

Most full-size pickups with V8 engines have enough power to tow a 7000 lb. camper. The most important factor in determining the type of truck you need is the engine size: it should be at least 5-6 liters or larger.

A smaller engine size will not provide enough power for the job. Look for engines with higher compression ratios for more efficient fuel mileage and greater torque.

You should also consider the axle ratio when determining what kind of truck is best for pulling a 7000 lb camper. The axle ratio determines how much torque is transmitted from the engine to the wheels; higher ratios will give you more torque and better acceleration while lower ratios provide better fuel economy. Generally speaking, an axle ratio of 3:73 or higher is recommended when pulling heavy loads.

Finally, look at the transmission type when deciding on what kind of truck to pull your 7000 lb camper. Automatic transmissions are usually preferred because they provide smoother shifts than manual transmissions; however, manual transmissions are generally thought to be more reliable and better able to handle heavy loads.


When looking for a truck that can pull a 7000 lb camper, you should look for one that has a V8 engine with at least 5-6 liters or larger; an axle ratio of 3:73 or higher; and an automatic or manual transmission that is well suited for heavy loads. With these features in mind, you can find a truck that can handle your weighty load safely and efficiently.

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