What Makes a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are an exciting automotive sport that has been around for decades. They are huge, powerful trucks that can drive over just about anything and entertain spectators with their stunts and jumps. Monster trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes a monster truck?

First, a monster truck must be big.

Monster trucks typically range from 8 feet tall to 12 feet tall, and they weigh between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. The size of the truck is important because it helps the vehicle to drive over obstacles such as cars or other large objects. Bigger tires also help to provide traction as the truck drives over obstacles.

Second, monster trucks must have powerful engines. Most monster trucks have V8 engines with 500-700 horsepower which allows them to do stunts such as wheelies or jumps over large objects. Without this type of power a monster truck would not be able to perform the tricks it does.

Third, monster trucks must have the right suspension system. The suspension system helps the truck absorb shocks from jumping or driving on rough terrain and keeps the tires on the ground so that the driver can maintain control of the vehicle. Without a good suspension system, a monster truck would not be able to handle all of the jumps and stunts it does.

Finally, monster trucks must have large tires. The tires are usually around 66 inches in diameter and provide enough traction for driving over obstacles and performing stunts. The tires also help provide stability while driving on uneven surfaces.

In conclusion, a monster truck is an exciting vehicle that requires big size, powerful engines, good suspension systems and big tires in order to perform its stunts and jumps properly. Without these components a monster truck would not be able to do what it does best – entertain spectators with its incredible feats!

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Susan Delgado