What Monster Truck Did Travis Pastrana Drive?

Travis Pastrana is one of the most well-known and successful professional motorsports athletes in the world. He’s won multiple championships in motocross, rally racing, and even NASCAR.

He’s known for his fearless attitude and willingness to take on any challenge. So it’s no surprise that he loves monster trucks too.

Travis Pastrana is the proud driver of Nitro Circus Live’s Bigfoot Monster Truck. The truck is a replica of the original Bigfoot #1 that was built in 1975 by Bob Chandler from St. Louis, Missouri. The truck has been featured in numerous stunts and shows throughout its lifetime, including being driven by Travis Pastrana himself for an episode of Nitro Circus Live.

The truck has undergone many modifications since its creation, but it still retains its original vintage look. It features a custom-built chassis with a Nitro Circus designed wrap, plus custom shocks to help it jump higher and farther than ever before. It also has a powerhouse engine that puts out over 500 horsepower.

Travis Pastrana has made history with this monster truck by performing some incredible stunts including jumping over a school bus at the Vegas strip, jumping three cars in Spain, and even doing backflips while driving it! All of these stunts have made him even more popular than he already was.


Travis Pastrana drives the legendary Bigfoot Monster Truck which was built by Bob Chandler in 1975. It has been modified with a custom chassis and wrap as well as custom shocks to help it jump higher and farther than ever before. It also features an impressive 500 horsepower engine which allows Travis to perform incredible stunts such as jumping over a school bus or doing backflips while driving it!

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