What Monster Truck Looks Like a Shark?

Monster trucks have been around for generations and are an iconic symbol of American culture. The basic concept of monster trucks is that they are huge vehicles with large tires, often modified to look like something else.

One of the more popular designs has been the ‘shark truck’, a truck designed to look like a shark.

The most popular version of the shark truck is the ‘Great White’. It was created by Dennis Anderson, who is often credited as the founder of modern monster truck racing.

The Great White is painted white with black stripes, giving it a distinct shark-like appearance. The body is constructed from fiberglass and steel, and it has four huge tires that are nearly five feet tall.

The Great White was first unveiled in 1982 and quickly became an icon in the monster truck world. It has since been seen in numerous movies, television shows, commercials and even video games. It’s also become a fan favorite at live events, where it often performs stunts and wheelies in front of cheering crowds.

While the Great White is probably the most famous shark truck, there are other versions out there as well. Some monster trucks have even more outlandish designs such as the ‘Mako Shark’ or ‘Hammerhead’. They may not look as much like a real shark but still have that unmistakable monster truck vibe.


Monster trucks that look like sharks have become hugely popular over the years and can be seen in all kinds of media. The most iconic example is undoubtedly Dennis Anderson’s Great White, but there are also other versions with unique designs such as Mako Shark or Hammerhead.

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