What Oil Can You Use in RC Car Shocks?

RC Car shocks are an important component of any RC car. They provide the suspension needed to absorb bumps, dips, and jumps in the road.

Without shocks, your RC car would be a bumpy ride! But what oil should you use for these shocks?

The type of oil used in RC car shocks depends on several factors. Firstly, there is the type of shock – coilover or oil-filled. Coilover shocks are typically filled with silicone-based oil, while oil-filled shocks require a heavier weight shock oil such as a 20wt or 30wt weight shock oil.

Silicone Oil is typically used for coilover shocks as it provides a low viscosity which helps dampen vibrations and smooth out the ride. This is ideal for high speed off-road racing where you need good dampening of bumps and jumps. Silicone oils come in a variety of weights from 5wt to 100wt, so you can choose one based on your driving conditions and preferences.

20wt & 30wt Shock Oil is recommended for oil-filled shocks as it provides more dampening capability than silicone oils. This type of shock oil is thicker than silicone oils and provides more resistance to compression when driving over bumps and jumps.

This makes it ideal for larger off-road vehicles that require more dampening power from their shocks. 20wt or 30wt shock oils come in different viscosities so you can find one that best suits your driving conditions and preferences.

Conclusion: Oil plays an important role in RC car shocks as it helps provide the necessary dampening for smooth rides on rough terrain. Silicone oils are best suited for coilover shocks while 20wt or 30wt shock oils are best suited for oil-filled shocks. Choosing the right weight of oil can help improve performance and make your RC car even more enjoyable to drive!

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