What PSI Should Pickup Truck Tires Be?

Pickup truck tires are an essential part of any pickup truck driver’s maintenance routine. Not only do they affect the performance of the vehicle, but they also play a role in safety and fuel efficiency. When choosing tires for a pickup truck, there are several factors to consider, including size, load rating, tire type, and PSI (pounds per square inch).

When it comes to size, it is important to choose tires that are compatible with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Tire size is determined by the diameter and width of the tire and can vary depending on the model and make of the truck. It is important to select tires with a diameter that matches the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications for proper handling.

The load rating of a tire is an indication of how much weight it can safely carry. It is measured in pounds per inch (PSI) and is based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The higher the PSI rating, the more weight it can safely carry. Pickup trucks require tires that can support their heavy loads.

Tire type also plays an important role when selecting tires for a pickup truck. Tires come in two main varieties: radial and bias-ply.

Radial tires offer better fuel efficiency and increased tread life; however, they may not be suitable for certain terrain types or conditions due to their soft sidewalls. Bias-ply tires provide better traction and stability on rough terrain; however, they are heavier than radial tires.

What PSI Should Pickup Truck Tires Be?

The ideal PSI rating for pickup truck tires depends on several factors, including load capacity, tire type, and terrain type. Generally speaking, most pickup trucks require a minimum PSI rating of 32-35psi for regular use on dry roads; however depending on specific usage conditions such as towing or off-roading, this number could be higher or lower.


When choosing new pickup truck tires, size compatibility with manufacturer’s specifications should be taken into account along with load rating (PSI), tire type (radial or bias-ply) and terrain type. Ultimately, when determining what PSI should pickup truck tires be set at – it depends on specific usage conditions such as towing or off-roading – but generally speaking most pickups require 32-35psi for regular use on dry roads.

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