What Side by Sides Will Fit in Truck Bed?

Side by sides are becoming increasingly popular with off-roaders, hunters, and farmers alike. They are powerful and versatile machines that can take you anywhere you need to go while hauling a variety of cargo.

But what if you have a truck with a limited bed size? Can you still use a side by side or will it be too big to fit?

The answer is yes, you can still use a side by side in your truck bed, but it depends on the size of the truck bed. The smallest side by sides are about 66 inches wide and 48 inches tall when fully assembled.

These machines can fit in most full-size pickup beds without any modifications. If your truck has a longer bed, however, then there are larger sizes available such as 72 inches wide and 54 inches tall.

When choosing a side by side that will fit in your truck bed, you should also consider the weight of the machine. Most models range from 900 to 1500 lbs depending on the model and accessories. Make sure that your truck’s suspension is capable of handling this additional weight before attempting to haul one in your bed.

Aside from size and weight, there are other factors to consider when shopping for a side by side that will fit in your truck’s bed. For example, some models have an extended wheel base or extra seating room which may require additional space beyond what is available in most pickup beds. Additionally, certain features such as doors or windshields may increase the overall size of the machine which could limit its compatibility with certain trucks.


In short, it is possible to use a side by side in most pickup beds as long as they meet the necessary size requirements and can handle the weight of the machine. Carefully consider all factors involved before making a purchase so you can be sure the model you choose will fit properly in your truck’s bed.

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