What Size Tarp Do I Need for Truck Bed?

When you want to carry heavy items or bulky equipment with your truck, it is important to use a tarp to protect your cargo and keep it secure. But with the wide selection of tarps available on the market, how do you know which size tarp will fit your truck bed?

Measuring Your Truck Bed: The first step in selecting a tarp for your truck bed is measuring the length and width of the bed. That will give you an idea of how much coverage you need for your cargo.

It’s important to measure from inside the wheel wells as that is where most tarps will fit. Also make sure you measure any bumpers or side rails, as that can affect the size of tarp you need.

Choosing the Right Size Tarp: Once you have measurements for the bed of your truck, it’s time to choose a tarp that fits. Most tarps are available in 8-foot, 10-foot and 12-foot sizes, so be sure to select one that covers all sides of your truck bed with a few extra feet on each side.

It’s also important to consider how much weight the tarp needs to support. If you’re carrying heavy items like furniture or tools, be sure to choose a heavy-duty tarp that can handle the weight.

Additional Features: In addition to size and weight capacity, there are several other features that should be considered when choosing a tarp for your truck bed. Look for one made from water-resistant material like polyethylene or PVC so it can withstand exposure to rain and snow. Also consider getting one with elastic edges that wrap around the edges of your truck bed for added protection from wind and debris.

By taking the time to measure your truck bed and considering features like weight capacity and material type, you can easily find a tarp that fits perfectly on top of your vehicle and provides maximum protection for whatever type of cargo you’re hauling.

Conclusion: Choosing what size tarp do I need for my truck bed comes down to taking accurate measurements of the length and width of your truck bed as well as considering weight capacity and material type when selecting one. By doing so, it is possible to find a perfect fitting tarp that provides maximum protection for whatever type of cargo needs hauling.

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