What Size Tires Are on a Semi-Truck?

When it comes to semi-trucks, it is important to note that they come with different tire sizes depending on the make and model of the truck. Most semi-trucks use tires that are larger than normal passenger car tires, and they typically range in size from 11R22.5 to 24.5 inches in diameter.

The 11R22.5 tires are the most common size used on semi-trucks and are considered “standard” sizes for most vehicles of this type. They are generally used for long-haul highway travel and have a tread depth of 22/32nds of an inch, which helps them last longer and provide better traction on wet roads.

The 12R22.5 and 13R22.5 sizes are also frequently used on semi-trucks, but they may not be as common as the 11R22.5 variety due to their higher cost and limited availability in some areas. These tires generally have a tread depth of 22/32nds of an inch, which provides good traction on wet roads but may not last as long as the 11R22.5 tires.

The 14R22.5 is another popular size that is often used for heavy-duty applications such as logging trucks or heavier loads that require more traction than the standard sizes can provide. These tires usually have a tread depth of 24/32nds of an inch, which gives them extra grip in slippery conditions.

Finally, the 24.5 inch diameter tire is often found on bigger semi-trucks or those that need to carry heavier loads over long distances. These tires have a tread depth of 28/32nds of an inch, which gives them additional traction in difficult terrain or inclement weather conditions.

In conclusion, the size of tires found on semi-trucks can vary depending on the make and model of truck, but typically range from 11R22.5 inches in diameter with varying tread depths providing different levels of traction depending on the application needs.

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