What Size Truck Bed Does a Honda Ridgeline Have?

The Honda Ridgeline is one of the most popular mid-size pickup trucks on the market. Many people are drawn to its sleek design, excellent safety features, and ample payload capacity.

But what size truck bed does a Honda Ridgeline have?

The Honda Ridgeline comes with a 5-foot long truck bed with a 5-foot wide opening. This makes it ideal for transporting larger items that won’t fit in smaller beds, such as recreational and construction equipment. The bed also includes four tie-down cleats and four cargo pockets for added convenience when loading and unloading.

The Honda Ridgeline comes in several different trim levels, each offering a different truck bed size. The RTL-E trim level offers the largest truck bed size of 6’4″ long and 5′ wide, while the Sport trim level offers a slightly smaller bed size of 6’2″ long and 4’11” wide.

The Honda Ridgeline also has an optional Bed Extender accessory that allows you to increase the size of your truck bed up to 8 feet long. This is great for those who need to transport larger items or more cargo than can fit in the standard 5-foot bed.


The Honda Ridgeline comes with a standard 5-foot long truck bed with a 5-foot wide opening, but there are several different trim levels available that offer different sizes up to 6’4″ long and 8 feet long with an optional Bed Extender accessory.

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