What Size Truck Do I Need to Carry a Truck Camper?

Truck campers are an increasingly popular option for people who love camping, but don’t want the hassle of towing a trailer. With a truck camper, you can conveniently attach it to the bed of your truck and be on your way. But before you can hit the road, you need to make sure you have the right size truck to carry your truck camper.

Truck campers come in a variety of sizes ranging from small cab-over models that fit into a tiny pickup bed up to larger slide-in models that require a full size pickup. The size of truck camper you choose will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your truck bed. Most truck beds measure 6 feet long by 4 feet wide or 6 feet long by 5 feet wide, so this will help determine what type of camper will fit in it. You’ll also need to consider what other gear or supplies you plan on hauling in your truck bed as this can affect how much space is available for the camper.

Once you know the size of your truck bed, you can start looking at different types of campers. Small cab-over models generally range between 4 and 6 feet long and are designed to fit in even small beds like those found on compact pickups. These are ideal for solo camping trips or couples who don’t need much space.

Medium-sized campers, which come in lengths up to 8 feet, are suitable for most mid-size trucks like full-size pickups with 6 foot beds or short box trucks with 8 foot beds. These models offer plenty of room for two adults and some cargo.

Large campers, which can be up to 10 feet long, will require a full-size pickup with either an 8 foot or 9 foot bed. These are ideal for larger families who need more space inside the camper as well as room for additional gear outside.

When choosing a truck camper, it’s important to consider not only the size but also the weight capacity of your vehicle. Make sure that the combined weight (camper plus any gear) does not exceed your vehicle’s maximum weight capacity as this could cause damage or even lead to an accident.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect sized truck camper for your needs and hit the open road with confidence!


What size truck do I need to carry a Truck Camper? The answer depends on what type and size Camper you choose and how much gear you plan on hauling in addition.

Measure your Truck Bed first then look at different types and sizes of Campers available that will fit in it. Make sure not to exceed your vehicle’s maximum weight capacity when combining Camper plus any gear loaded into it.

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