What Size Truck Do You Need to Pull a 40 Ft Camper?

What Size Truck Do You Need to Pull a 40 Ft Camper?

When it comes to camping, nothing beats having a 40 ft camper. It’s roomy, comfortable and has all the amenities you need for a great getaway. But before you can hit the road with your camper, you’ll need to know what size truck is necessary to safely tow it.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the weight of your camper. A 40 ft camper can weigh anywhere from 9,000 to 12,500 lbs.

This means that in order to safely tow it, your truck will need to be able to handle at least this much weight. If you’re looking for a more precise measure of what size truck is needed, the best thing to do is look at the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the vehicle. This will tell you exactly how much weight your truck can handle when properly equipped with all necessary components and accessories.

Once you know how much weight your truck can handle, then it’s time to think about what kind of hitch system and trailer brake controller setup you’ll need. If you’re planning on using a fifth wheel or gooseneck style hitch system, then you’ll need a 3/4 ton or larger pickup truck with an appropriate trailer brake controller setup for a safe and successful trip. If you’re planning on using a conventional bumper pull style hitch system, then 1/2 ton or larger pickup trucks are usually sufficient for hauling 40 ft campers if they have an adequate trailer brake controller setup as well.

It’s also important to note that no matter what kind of setup you have or what size truck it is, any vehicle used for hauling campers should be equipped with an appropriate load-leveling suspension system for additional safety and stability when travelling down the highway.

Finally, if your vehicle does not come with factory-installed tow package components such as trailer wiring harnesses and power outlets, then these should be added before attempting any long trips with your camper in tow.

In conclusion, when choosing the right size truck for pulling a 40 ft camper safely and securely down the highway, one should consider their vehicle’s GVWR rating along with any necessary trailer brake controller setups or load-leveling suspension systems required by their particular type of setup. Additionally they should make sure that their vehicle has all necessary factory-installed components such as wiring harnesses and power outlets before attempting any long trips with their camper in tow.

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