What Tire Size Is on a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks have been thrilling audiences for decades with their larger-than-life size and power. The size of monster truck tires is a key factor in their impressive performance, as bigger tires allow for greater traction and speed. So what tire size is on a monster truck?

The typical tire size of a monster truck is 66″ tall by 43″ wide. This gives the truck enough traction to handle the obstacles they are presented with in competitions, while also giving them enough speed to complete the course in a short amount of time. Some monster trucks may have even larger tires, up to 72″ tall by 48″ wide.

Monster trucks use special types of tires that are specifically designed for off-road use. These tires are made from an extra-durable rubber compound that can handle the extreme terrain and conditions that monster trucks encounter on the race track. The tread pattern on these tires is also designed for maximum grip and stability.

In addition to the large size, monster truck tires also feature heavy-duty beadlock rims to keep them securely in place during jumps and other stunts. This ensures that the truck maintains its balance during high-speed maneuvers and prevents the tire from slipping off of its rim.


Monster trucks require large, specialized tires in order to perform at their best. The typical tire size found on a monster truck is 66” tall by 43” wide, although some models may feature even larger sizes up to 72” tall by 48” wide. These tires also feature heavy-duty beadlock rims to ensure they stay securely in place during jumps and other stunts.

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