What to Use to Stop Things Sliding in the Truck Bed?

Once you’ve loaded up your pickup truck with items for transport, you want to make sure they stay in place during the drive. If you’re hauling furniture or heavy boxes, it’s likely that they will slide around in the bed of the truck during your journey.

This can be both dangerous and frustrating; large items that shift during transportation can cause damage to your vehicle or other people on the road. Fortunately, there are several methods to prevent items from sliding in the bed of a truck.


The simplest way to keep items from moving around is to use tie-downs or straps. You can secure these straps around the item and then attach them to hooks in the bed of the truck.

Tie-downs are easy to use and can be found at any home improvement store. Additionally, some pickup trucks come equipped with tie-down rings already installed.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are another great way to keep items secure while transporting them in a pickup truck. Cargo nets attach easily to the sides or back of a truck bed and create a barrier between items and the sides of the truck. This helps prevent sliding while also providing protection against scratches or dents that could occur without this extra layer.

Bed Liners

Not only do bed liners protect your vehicle’s paint job, but they also help keep your cargo secure while driving. Bed liners create friction between an item and the surface of the truck bed, making it harder for an item to move around during transport. Bed liners also provide an extra cushion if something does shift during transport.


The best method for keeping cargo secure during transportation depends on what type of item(s) you need to transport. Tie-downs offer simplicity and affordability, while cargo nets provide extra protection against damage caused by shifting cargo. Bed liners are great for providing cushioning as well as reducing friction between items and the truck bed surface which prevents sliding.
Ultimately, all three solutions are viable options for keeping things from sliding in a pickup truck’s bed.

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