What Truck Bed Sizes Are There?

Truck beds are one of the most important features of any pickup truck, providing the storage space necessary to transport all sorts of cargo. The size of a truck bed, however, can vary quite drastically.

What truck bed sizes are there?

The most common size for a truck bed is the full-size 8-foot long box. This is generally found on half-ton trucks, such as the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado 1500. These beds have plenty of room to store large items such as furniture or boxes of supplies, and are perfect for those who need extra storage space.

Smaller than the full-size 8-foot box is the 6.5-foot box, which is commonly found on mid-size trucks like the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado. These beds provide less space than their full-size counterparts but are still capable of carrying a good amount of cargo.

The smallest truck bed size available is the 5.5-foot box, which is typically found on light duty trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. These beds may lack in length but they still make up for it in width and depth, allowing them to carry plenty of items that would otherwise be too big for a smaller car.

Long Bed Trucks

For those who need even more space than what’s offered in a full-size 8-foot box, there are longer bed sizes available. The most common of these long bed options is the 8.5 foot box, which can be found on larger pickup trucks like the Ford Super Duty or Dodge Ram 2500. These beds are great for those needing extra length to accommodate items like boats or trailers.

Compact Trucks

Finally, there are also compact trucks that feature short beds that measure just 5 feet in length. These can be found on vehicles such as the Honda Ridgeline and Chevrolet Avalanche and provide just enough room to transport smaller items without taking up too much space.

In conclusion, there are multiple different sizes available when it comes to truck beds – from full size 8 foot boxes down to compact 5 foot boxes – providing plenty of options for whatever you may need to transport in your pickup truck.

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