What Truck Can Carry a Camper?

Truck owners who are looking for the right vehicle to carry a camper have an array of options available to them. There are many types of trucks that can handle the weight and size of a camper, while also providing enough power and stability to handle off-roading.

Pickup Trucks – Pickup trucks are ideal for carrying campers due to their ample bed size, strength, and payload capacities. Most mid-sized and full-sized pickups have beds large enough for a slide-in camper, and the power and capacity to tow heavier, larger campers.

SUVs – SUVs also make great vehicles for carrying campers. They offer more room than a pickup truck, as well as higher ground clearance for navigating rough terrain. Some SUVs are even equipped with tow packages that can handle relatively lightweight campers.

Van Camper – A van camper is essentially a van with a built-in living space. This type of vehicle is perfect for those who want the convenience of having their living space with them while they travel. Van campers feature large beds, ample storage space, and sometimes even bathrooms or kitchens depending on the model.

Truck Campers – Truck campers are designed to fit directly onto the bed of a pickup truck or SUV. They provide all the amenities of an RV but with much less hassle since they don’t require any specialized equipment or trailer hitches in order to be used. Truck campers come in various sizes so you can choose one that meets your needs and fits on your truck properly.


When trying to determine what truck can carry a camper, there are multiple options available from pickups to SUVs to van campers and even truck campers. All these vehicles offer different levels of comfort, convenience, and capability when it comes to carrying a camper safely across long distances or through rough terrain. Ultimately it’s up to you which vehicle best suits your needs and budget when it comes time to buy one that can carry your camper effectively and safely wherever you need it go!

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