What Truck Is in Monster Truck Movie?

Monster Trucks is a live-action adventure comedy film released in 2016. The movie follows a young man named Tripp who discovers and befriends an unusual creature living inside an old wrecked car.

He names the creature Creech and together, they form an unlikely bond. In order to protect Creech from being captured by an evil oil company, Tripp and his friends set out on a wild ride in a monster truck.

The monster truck featured in the movie is a custom-built vehicle called Grave Digger, owned and operated by Dennis Anderson, a professional monster truck driver. The Grave Digger was specially designed for the movie and features several unique features, including four-wheel steering, oversized tires and a powerful diesel engine. The truck was designed with the help of Anderson’s son Adam who also served as its stunt driver during filming.

The Grave Digger has become an iconic symbol of the Monster Trucks movie and is regularly seen at promotional events for the film. It has also been featured in several other movies and television shows, including Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and American Chopper (2003). The Grave Digger has also been used to promote other products such as video games, toys and soft drinks.

In addition to the Grave Digger, several other monster trucks were used in Monster Trucks including Bounty Hunter owned by Jimmy Creten; Megalodon driven by Alex Blackwell; Mohawk Warrior piloted by Damon Bradshaw; El Toro Loco driven by Frankie Kerr; Blue Thunder operated by Chad Tingler; Iron Outlaw steered by Steve Sims; Stone Crusher powered by Morgan Kane; Avenger led by Jim Koehler; Great Clips driven by Adam Anderson; Overkill Evolution navigated by Neil Elliott; Black Stallion controlled by Linsey Weenk; Obsession captained by Bob Robbins; Wolverine handled by Randy Brown; Hooked navigated under Darren Migues’ command and Xtermigator piloted by BJ Johnson.


The most iconic truck featured in Monster Trucks is undoubtedly the Grave Digger driven by Dennis Anderson which has become synonymous with the movie itself. Since its release, it has made appearances in many other films and television shows while also promoting various products.

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