What Truck Was Used in the Movie Monster Truck?

The movie Monster Truck was released in 2016 and had a great cast of actors, including Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Rob Lowe and Danny Glover. The film was directed by Chris Wedge and produced by Paramount Pictures. It tells the story of a young man named Tripp (Lucas Till) who finds an old monster truck in a junkyard and refurbishes it to fulfill his dream of becoming a monster truck racer.

To create the movie Monster Truck, the production team needed to find the perfect truck to feature in the film. After much searching, they settled on a 1977 Chevrolet K-10 pickup truck.

This model of truck was chosen because it fit the look they were going for in terms of size and power. The team then customized it with lifted suspension, custom off-road tires and heavy-duty shocks as well as other modifications.

The team also added an airbrush paint job featuring skulls and lightning bolts to give it an extra edge. They also added additional lights, a roll bar with LED lights, custom exhaust pipes and even an onboard stereo system. To complete the look of Tripp’s monster truck, they added decals that said “Monster Truck” on either side.

Aside from its use in Monster Truck, this 1977 Chevrolet K-10 pickup has made appearances in other films such as Death Race 2000, Duel, Wild at Heart, Lethal Weapon 4, as well as several music videos.

In conclusion, the 1977 Chevrolet K-10 pickup truck was used in the movie Monster Truck due to its size and power, as well as its ability to be customized according to the production team’s needs. It is also notable for appearing in other films and music videos due to its iconic look.

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