What Trucks Were Used in Monster Truck Movie?

Monster trucks have been around for decades and continue to be a favorite of children and adults everywhere. They provide a thrilling experience with their massive tires, powerful engines, and ability to crush vehicles. But what kind of trucks are they?

Monster trucks are usually modified versions of standard full-size pickup trucks or SUVs.

The most popular types of monster trucks are Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados, Dodge Rams, GMC Sierras, Jeep Wranglers, and Toyota Tundras. These vehicles are modified with large wheels, suspension lifts, reinforced chassis and roll cages for safety. They also often feature custom paint jobs or graphics.

In the movie Monster Trucks (2016), we see a variety of different types of monster trucks used. The main character Tripp is driving an old Ford F-150 that is heavily modified with large wheels and a powerful engine. Other monster trucks that appear in the film include a Chevrolet Silverado, a Dodge Ram 1500, a GMC Sierra 2500HD, and a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Monster truck racing is also popular in the real world. Professional racers compete in events around the world using customized versions of these same trucks. The highest level of competition is at Monster Jam events where drivers compete in custom built monster truck arenas using some of the most powerful vehicles ever built.


What Trucks were used in Monster Truck Movie? Monster Trucks (2016) featured several types of monster truck including Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados, Dodge Rams, GMC Sierras, Jeep Wranglers and Toyota Tundras which were all heavily modified with large wheels and powerful engines for maximum performance on the race track. Professional racers use these same vehicles to compete at the highest levels in Monster Jam events around the world.

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