What Type of Pickup Truck Does Uhaul Have?

Uhaul has been a trusted provider of pickup trucks for all types of haulers since 1945. They offer a variety of pickup truck models that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. The selection of Uhaul pickup trucks includes 4x4s, midsize trucks, full-size trucks, and heavy-duty pickups.

The 4x4s are equipped with four-wheel drive and specially designed to navigate tough terrain. This makes them ideal for off-road adventures such as hunting or fishing trips. For those who need to tow large items or transport large groups, Uhaul’s midsize trucks provide plenty of hauling capacity and come in various wheelbase lengths.

Uhaul’s full-size pickups offer plenty of power along with ample interior space and cargo capacity. For the most demanding jobs, their heavy-duty pickups are equipped with powerful engines and stronger frames that can handle the toughest loads. All these models come with advanced features such as power windows, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.


Uhaul offers a wide range of pickup truck options to meet any hauling need. From 4x4s to full-size and heavy-duty models, there is sure to be the perfect truck for any job or adventure. So whether you are looking for a reliable work truck or an off-road vehicle for your next outdoor excursion – Uhaul has you covered!

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