What Was Dodge’s First Pickup Truck?

It’s no surprise that one of the most iconic American car brands is Dodge. The company has been around since 1914, and they’ve been producing vehicles that have captured the hearts of Americans for over a century. But what was Dodge’s first pickup truck?

The answer to this question is the 1938 Dodge Pickup. This truck was a revolutionary design for its time, and it became an instant classic.

It featured a flathead six-cylinder engine under the hood, and it had a three-speed manual transmission. The exterior of the truck featured a chrome grille and headlight bezels, which gave it a distinctive look. The interior was also quite luxurious for its time, featuring leather upholstery and an instrument panel with gauges for speedometer, fuel level, temperature and oil pressure.

The 1938 Dodge Pickup was also quite advanced compared to its competitors at the time. It had independent suspension in both the front and rear, as well as hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. It also had power steering and an optional vacuum-operated four-wheel drive system.

The 1938 Dodge Pickup was an instant success when it was released in 1938. Its combination of modern features, classic styling and rugged construction made it an attractive option for many customers looking for a reliable vehicle.


The 1938 Dodge Pickup was the first pickup truck produced by Dodge. It featured modern features such as independent suspension, hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and power steering, as well as classic styling elements like chrome grilles and headlight bezels. Its combination of modern features and classic styling made it an instant hit when it was released in 1938.

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