What Was the First Ford Pickup Truck?

The Ford Model TT was the first Ford pickup truck. This truck was introduced in 1917 and was the first mass-produced, factory-assembled vehicle to hit the market.

It featured a heavy-duty chassis, a 20 horsepower engine, and a boxy body style that would become iconic for the Ford brand. The TT had a long bed and could be configured with either two or four seats.

The Model TT was an instant hit and quickly became one of America’s most popular trucks. It was used for everything from commercial hauling to farming to personal transportation. Due to its popularity, it soon spawned numerous variants such as the Model AA, which had a larger engine and increased hauling capacity; the Model BB which had an extended cab; and the Model TAs which featured enclosed cabs.

Ford continued to produce variations of the Model TT until 1927 when they introduced their first all-new pickup truck, the Model A. This model featured a more modern design with more advanced features such as an improved frame design, four-wheel brakes, and an enclosed cab with roll down windows. The Model A was also available in three different configurations: passenger car style pickup, panel truck, or stake bed (flatbed).

The introduction of the Ford Model A marked a major milestone in automotive history as it was Ford’s first all-new pickup truck since 1917. The success of this model would eventually lead to Ford becoming one of America’s largest automakers by 1942 when they produced over 2 million vehicles.

Ford has continued to produce some of America’s most iconic pick up trucks over the years including models such as the F-Series line in 1948 that is still in production today. The F-Series line has long been America’s best selling line of vehicles since 1977 and continues to be one of the most popular trucks on American roads today.

In conclusion, the Ford Model TT was the first Ford pickup truck released in 1917. This vehicle ushered in a new era for Ford and set them on their path towards becoming one of America’s biggest automakers by 1942 with over 2 million vehicles produced that year alone.

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