What Was the First GMC Pickup Truck?

GMC has been producing pickup trucks since 1902 and has been at the forefront of vehicle innovation ever since. In 1930, GMC introduced the first pickup truck that featured an all-steel cab and an integrated chassis, making it much more durable than the traditional wooden models at the time. This truck was known as the GMC Model AC, and it was a popular choice for work due to its ruggedness and reliability.

The GMC Model AC was powered by a 4-cylinder engine that could produce up to 29 horsepower, making it capable enough for hauling heavy loads. It also featured a 3-speed manual transmission that made shifting gears easier, as well as leaf springs for added shock absorption. The most unique feature of the Model AC was its all-steel cab, which provided more protection and durability than traditional wood cabs.

In 1935, GMC introduced their first half-ton pickup truck called the GMC Model 100. This truck featured a 6-cylinder engine that produced up to 85 horsepower, making it ideal for hauling heavier loads than its predecessor. The Model 100 also featured improved suspension systems for better handling and increased payload capacity.

In 1948, GMC released their first full-size pickup truck called the GMC Suburban, which featured a V8 engine that could produce up to 160 horsepower. This model also featured improved styling and comfort features such as air conditioning and power windows. Over time, GMC’s lineup of pickup trucks evolved to include larger engines with more power as well as improved comfort features like power steering and cruise control.

Today, GMC’s lineup of pickups includes models such as the Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra HD, Yukon XL and Denali XT, all of which feature modern styling and performance capabilities that make them ideal for both work and leisure activities. The company continues to innovate in terms of design and technology with their latest models featuring advanced safety systems such as lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking.

Conclusion: The very first GMC pickup truck was introduced in 1930 – the GMC Model AC – which featured an all-steel cab and integrated chassis for increased durability over traditional wooden models at the time. Since then GMC has continued to innovate their lineup of pickups with each successive model featuring improved engines, suspension systems and comfort features such as air conditioning or power windows. Today’s lineup of pickups from GMC are designed with modern styling combined with advanced safety features that make them suitable for both work or leisure activities.

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