What Was the First Monster Truck Name?

The first monster truck was named Bigfoot. It was created in 1975 by Bob Chandler in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bigfoot was a Ford F-250 pickup truck that had been modified with larger tires and a suspension lift. The idea for the truck came from Chandler’s desire to create a unique vehicle that could stand out from other trucks.

Bigfoot quickly gained popularity and began touring the country, performing shows and stunts at various events. It became known as the “Monster Truck” due to its ability to crush cars and other obstacles with ease. For years, it was the most popular monster truck in the world, competing in events such as mud bogging, hill climbing, and car crushing competitions.

Over time, other monster trucks began to emerge, such as Grave Digger and King Krunch. These trucks became just as popular as Bigfoot and helped to further popularize the sport of monster truck racing.

Today there are many different types of monster trucks competing in shows all over the world. From small electric-powered models to massive gas-powered vehicles capable of jumping over cars, there is something for everyone when it comes to monster truck racing.

As the popularity of monster truck racing continues to grow, so does its history. One thing is certain: it all started with Bigfoot – the first monster truck ever created – and its legacy continues today.


The first ever Monster Truck was created in 1975 by Bob Chandler: it was called ‘Bigfoot’.

This incredible invention quickly gained traction and set off a movement that has grown into one of our most beloved motorsports today – Monster Truck Racing!

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