What Was the First Year Toyota Made a Pickup Truck?

The first year Toyota made a pickup truck was in 1935. The vehicle was called the Model G1.

It was created as a light-duty truck to replace the antiquated Model AA that was released in 1936. The Model G1 had an engine capacity of 1,280 cc and a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. It had an estimated top speed of 60 km/h and could carry up to 500 kg of cargo.

The body style of the Model G1 was a cab-over-engine design with two doors, three windows, and a folding passenger seat. The interior of the vehicle was quite basic but featured some amenities such as side windows and armrests.

The exterior of the vehicle featured chrome trim and bumpers. The wheels were steel with solid rubber tires.

In 1939, Toyota released a second model of its pickup truck, the Model GB. This model featured an improved engine capacity of 1,500 cc and a wheelbase of 3,000 mm.

It also had improved suspension for better handling and increased payload capacity to 700 kg. This model also featured updated exterior styling with chrome trim along the hood and bumpers.

Toyota continued to improve its pickup truck lineup over the years by introducing new models such as the Hilux (1968) and Tundra (1999). Today, Toyota is one of the top manufacturers in pickup trucks with models such as the Tacoma (1995) and Tundra (1999).


The first year that Toyota made a pickup truck was in 1935 with its Model G1 light-duty truck. Since then, Toyota has released several more models over the years that have become more advanced and feature more amenities than their predecessors. Today, Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers in pickup trucks due to its continued innovation in this market.

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