What Was the Very First Monster Truck?

The Very First Monster Truck

The very first monster truck was created in the 1970s in North America. It was called Bigfoot, and it was built by Bob Chandler of St. Louis, Missouri.

The monster truck revolution began when Bob and his friends took a 1976 Ford F-250 pickup truck and modified it with massive tires, a custom suspension, and a powerful engine.

In 1981, Bob’s creation made its debut at a mud bog event in Pennsylvania. It quickly gained popularity for its extraordinary size and power as it easily crushed cars beneath its massive tires.

People were amazed by Bigfoot’s ability to drive over anything that stood in its way.

The success of Bigfoot inspired many other competitors to build their own monster trucks and join the fun of competitive racing and stunts. Over the years, the trucks have gotten bigger, faster, and more powerful as they compete in events such as mud bogging, hill climbs, freestyle motocross shows, car crushing shows, and drag racing.

Today, monster trucks are an incredibly popular form of entertainment for people all around the world! From huge stadiums filled with screaming fans to thrilling television broadcasts watched by millions of viewers each week -Monster Trucks have become an iconic symbol of modern American culture.


Bob Chandler’s creation of Bigfoot in 1976 is widely considered to be the very first monster truck ever made. Since then, the trucks have become larger and more powerful while also becoming increasingly popular around the world as an exciting form of entertainment.

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