What Years Did Jeep Make a Pickup Truck?

For a long time, Jeep has been known for its off-roading capabilities. The brand has become synonymous with off-roading and the vehicles they offer are among the most capable in terms of tackling rough terrain.

However, not many people know that Jeep also used to make pickup trucks. From 1963 to 1987, Jeep had a number of different pickup truck models on offer.

The first model of Jeep pickup truck was launched in 1963 and it was called the Gladiator. This model featured a four-cylinder engine that could produce up to 140 horsepower.

It had a two-speed transfer case and three different trim levels: Base, Deluxe, and Sport. The Gladiator was offered as a two-door regular cab or a four-door crew cab. It was available in either short or long wheelbase configurations.

In 1972, Jeep introduced the J-Series pickup truck. This model featured an improved version of the four-cylinder engine from the Gladiator but with better fuel economy and power output.

It also featured a three-speed automatic transmission and updated styling that made it look more modern than its predecessor. The J-Series came in two trim levels: Base and Custom.

The J10 pickup truck was introduced in 1976 as an update to the J-Series model. This model came with an improved V8 engine that could produce up to 200 horsepower and had an optional four-speed manual transmission for those who wanted more control over their ride. It also featured updated styling that included larger headlights, more chrome accents, and larger wheel arches.

In 1983, Jeep introduced the Comanche pickup truck which was based on their popular Cherokee SUV model at the time. This model featured either a two or four door configuration and came with either a four or six cylinder engine depending on what trim level you chose (Base or Sport). The Comanche also offered optional 4WD for those who wanted it.

What Years Did Jeep Make A Pickup Truck?

Jeep made pickup trucks from 1963 to 1987 with various models such as Gladiator, J-Series, J10 and Comanche being released during this time period.

It’s clear that throughout these years Jeep offered some great options when it comes to pickup trucks – options which can still be found today! So if you’re looking for an offroad capable vehicle with plenty of cargo space then you should definitely consider one of these classic Jeeps.


Jeep made pickups from 1963 through 1987. They offered various models such as Gladiator, J Series, J10 and Comanche during this time period offering offroad capability and plenty of cargo space for those looking for such features in their vehicle.

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