What’s a Car With a Truck Bed Called?

The answer to the question, “What’s a car with a truck bed called?” is the El Camino. The El Camino is a two-door coupe utility vehicle that was produced by General Motors for the U.S. market from 1959 to 1987. It featured a cab and front-end styling taken from a passenger car, along with a cargo bed in the rear.

The El Camino was designed to combine the utility of a pick-up truck with the comfort and convenience of a passenger car. The first generation of El Caminos was based on the full-size Chevrolet platform, and featured a V8 engine and three-speed manual transmission. Subsequent generations used smaller platforms such as the Chevrolet Chevelle and Monte Carlo, and included four-speed manual transmissions as well as three-speed automatic transmissions.

The El Camino was available in several trim levels, including base models and luxury versions such as the Super Sport (SS). The SS included features such as bucket seats, power windows, power brakes, air conditioning, and other options that were not available on base models. During its production run, over one million El Caminos were sold in North America.


The El Camino is undoubtedly one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced by General Motors. Combining the practicality of a pickup truck with the comfort and convenience of a passenger car, it provided an affordable option for those looking for an all-in-one vehicle solution. With over one million units sold in North America during its production run from 1959 to 1987, it’s no wonder why it’s still so popular today.

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