What’s Another Word for Tow Truck?

Tow trucks are an integral part of modern society. They are used to transport vehicles from one place to another, often in times of emergency.

They are also used for repossession, towing illegally parked cars and even moving oversized loads. There are a variety of tow truck styles available, ranging from light duty flatbeds to heavy-duty flatbeds that can tow up to 25 tonnes.

One common type of tow truck is the hook and chain truck. This type uses a metal chain or cable and large hooks to attach the vehicle and pull it onto the bed of the truck. Hook and chain trucks are most commonly used for repossession or salvage operations, as they can move a wide variety of vehicles with ease.

Another type is the wheel lift tow truck. This style uses hydraulics to lift one end of the vehicle off the ground before attaching it to the back of the truck with a metal strap. This allows for easy transportation of vehicles that may not be able to fit onto a flatbed or be moved by a hook and chain tow truck.

Finally, there is the boom or crane tow truck which uses an extendable arm with a winch at its end. This style is best suited for moving large items and oversized loads as it can lift up to 25 tonnes with ease. Boom trucks also have the advantage over other types as they can move items vertically as well as horizontally.

What’s Another Word for Tow Truck?

The term ‘tow truck’ is widely accepted but there are other words that can be used such as ‘wrecker’, ‘recovery vehicle’, ‘towing service’ or ‘breakdown lorry’.


Tow trucks come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their purpose and load capacity. Common types include hook and chain, wheel lift, boom/crane trucks – all with their own advantages in certain situations. Alternative words such as ‘wrecker’, ‘recovery vehicle’, ‘towing service’ or ‘breakdown lorry’ can also be used instead of ‘tow truck’ when referring these vehicles.

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