Whats That Thing Called That Covers the Truck Bed?

Many truck owners know that there is a way to cover the bed of their truck. But not everyone knows what this type of accessory is called. In fact, it has a few different names — tonneau cover, bed cover, or bed topper.

Tonneau covers are designed to protect the contents in your truck bed from theft and inclement weather like rain, snow, and hail. They can also help reduce wind drag while driving, improving fuel economy in the process. Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and materials.

The three main types of tonneau covers are soft roll-up, hard roll-up, and hinged. Soft roll-up covers are made of vinyl or fabric and attach to the side rails with Velcro or snaps.

This type of cover rolls up for easy access to the truck bed and secures with straps at the tailgate when closed. Hard roll-up covers are made from aluminum and attach with clamps along the side rails. This type of cover rolls up just like a soft cover but provides more security since it locks at the tailgate.

Hinged tonneau covers provide complete access to your truck bed when opened but provide better security than other types since they latch closed at both ends. This type of cover is typically made from aluminum or fiberglass and attaches using clamps along each side rail.


A tonneau cover provides security for your truck bed’s contents while also increasing fuel economy by reducing wind drag while driving. There are three main types: soft roll-up, hard roll-up, and hinged—each offering its own advantages depending on your needs.

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