What’s the Back of a Semi Truck Called?

Semi-trucks are an integral part of the transportation industry, and their design is crucial for safety and efficiency. One of the most important parts of the truck that is often overlooked or forgotten about is the back of the semi-truck.

The back of a semi-truck is known as the trailer, and it is what carries all of the cargo that makes its way around the country.

The trailer consists of a metal frame, wheels, axles, brakes, suspension, and lighting system. All of these components work together to make sure that the cargo being hauled remains safe and secure during transit.

The trailer also includes a roof rack which can be used to store additional items such as spare parts or tools.

The trailer has two main sections; one for refrigerated goods and one for dry goods. The refrigerated section has insulation to keep perishable items cold while they are on their journey.

This section also has a temperature controlled system which allows food items to remain at a safe temperature while they are being transported. The dry goods section is typically used for non-perishable items such as clothing or small machinery.

The trailer also has several other features including an aerodynamic design which helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions from semi-trucks. It also has specialized doors which allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo in remote areas.

In conclusion, the back of a semi-truck is referred to as the trailer and plays an important role in providing safe transportation for cargo around the country. It consists of several components including metal frame, wheels, axles, brakes, suspension, lighting system, roof rack, refrigerated section and dry goods section which all work together to keep cargo secure during transit.

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