What’s the Biggest Monster Truck Ever Made?

Monster trucks are an exciting type of vehicle that are designed to crush and jump over obstacles. They have become a popular form of entertainment, with events like Monster Jam drawing in large crowds to witness the impressive stunts and crashes. But what is the biggest monster truck ever made?

The largest and most powerful monster truck in the world is known as Big Foot. It was created by Bob Chandler in 1975 for car-crushing competitions.

The original Big Foot had a Ford 460 cubic inch engine and was 12 feet tall, 17 feet long, and 8 feet wide. Since then, Big Foot has been upgraded with more powerful engines, larger tires, and other modifications to make it even bigger and more powerful than when it first debuted.

Big Foot has become so iconic that there are now several versions of the truck around the world. The American version is owned by Bigfoot 4X4 Inc., which produces custom-built monster trucks for shows, exhibitions, and competitions.

The Australian version is owned by Monster Trucks Australia Pty Ltd., which stages shows around the country featuring its fleet of monster trucks. And the European version is owned by Monster Truck Europe BV, which organizes events across Europe showcasing its own monster truck fleet.

Today, Big Foot stands at 14 feet tall and weighs 10 tons when fully loaded with fuel and equipment. It is powered by two V8 engines that produce a combined total of 7500 horsepower – enough power to crush cars or jump over 16 cars lined up side-by-side! It also features 66-inch tires that can climb over almost any obstacle in its way.


Big Foot is undoubtedly the biggest monster truck ever made; with its 14 foot height, 10 ton weight capacity when fully loaded, two V8 engines producing 7500 horsepower collectively and 66 inch tyres it can climb over almost any obstacle in its way giving it an edge over other monster trucks out there.

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