What’s the Difference Between a Monster Truck and a Mega Truck?

Monster Trucks and Mega Trucks are two wildly popular forms of automotive entertainment. Both types of vehicles feature large, powerful engines that allow them to perform stunts and jumps.

They are also capable of driving over obstacles and navigating difficult terrain. While both types of vehicles look similar, there are some distinct differences between them.

Engine Power

The primary difference between a Monster Truck and a Mega Truck is the engine power. Monster Trucks typically have engines with a displacement of up to 565 cubic inches, while Mega Trucks have engines with displacements up to 800 cubic inches. This additional power allows Mega Trucks to produce more horsepower than Monster Trucks, which translates into higher speeds and greater stunts.

Tire Size

Another key difference between Monster Trucks and Mega Trucks is the size of their tires. Monster Truck tires can range in size from 66 inches to 84 inches in diameter, while Mega Truck tires are typically larger at 72 inches to 96 inches in diameter. This larger tire size gives Mega Trucks greater traction and stability when performing stunts or jumps.


Monster Trucks typically weigh in at around 6,500 pounds, while Mega Trucks tend to be much heavier at around 10,000 pounds. This additional weight gives Mega Trucks more control when performing stunts or navigating difficult terrain.


To summarize, the main differences between a Monster Truck and a Mega Truck include engine power, tire size, and weight.

Monster Trucks have smaller engines with less horsepower than their Mega Truck counterparts, smaller tires that provide less traction on surfaces, and lighter overall weight than Mega Trucks. Ultimately, both types of vehicles offer an exciting form of automotive entertainment for audiences worldwide!

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