What’s the Fastest Arrma RC Car?

Arrma RC cars are some of the fastest and most powerful remote-controlled vehicles on the market. They are designed for off-road racing, but many hobbyists also use them for fun and recreation. The Arrma brand has a wide range of vehicles, from buggies and truggies to monster trucks and even 1/5th scale cars. With such a wide selection, it can be difficult to decide which car is the fastest.

The first thing to consider when looking at the speed of an Arrma RC car is the motor.

Different motors have different power levels, which will affect the top speed of the car. The more powerful the motor, the faster it will go. Some Arrma models come with brushless motors, while others have brushed motors. Brushless motors tend to be more powerful than brushed ones, so they can reach higher speeds.

Another factor that affects speed is transmission type. Arrma offers both two-speed and three-speed transmissions in their vehicles.

A three-speed transmission allows for a wider range of speeds than a two-speed transmission, so it can reach higher top speeds overall. The weight of the vehicle also plays a role in determining its top speed; lighter cars tend to go faster than heavier ones due to reduced friction and drag.

In terms of raw power and speed potential, Arrma’s 1/5th scale vehicles are some of their fastest models available today. These cars come with brushless motors and three-speed transmissions as standard, allowing them to reach impressive top speeds that can exceed 80mph in some cases.


Overall, Arrma’s 1/5th scale vehicles are some of their fastest models available today due to their powerful brushless motors and three-speed transmissions. For hobbyists looking for a fast RC car experience, these cars are definitely worth considering.

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