What’s the Highest a Monster Truck Has Ever Jumped?

Monster trucks are some of the most impressive vehicles in the world. They are massive, loud, and capable of amazing feats.

One of the most impressive feats that monster trucks can do is jump. Monster truck jumps have become a legendary part of motorsport, with fans flocking to see incredible jumps. But what is the highest a monster truck has ever jumped?

The record for the highest monster truck jump is held by the famous Grave Digger truck, driven by Carl Van Horn. In January 2019, Van Horn and Grave Digger made history when they jumped an incredible 52 feet in a single bound. The jump was made at an event in Tampa, Florida and was witnessed by thousands of cheering fans.

In order to make such an incredible jump, there were some special considerations taken into account. The team behind Grave Digger had to make sure that the ramp was perfectly angled and positioned to give them enough speed to reach their Target height. They also had to make sure that the suspension on the truck was set up correctly so it could handle the shock of landing from such a great height without being damaged beyond repair.

The team behind Grave Digger also had to ensure that all safety protocols were followed properly before attempting such a feat. This included having safety nets in place and making sure that any debris from their jump would be cleared away quickly for other vehicles on the track. After all these preparations were taken care of, Van Horn and Grave Digger were able to make history with their amazing jump!


The highest monster truck jump ever recorded was made by Carl Van Horn and his Grave Digger truck in January 2019 when they jumped an incredible 52 feet in one bound! This record-breaking jump required careful preparation and attention to detail in order for it be successful. It is unlikely that this record will be broken anytime soon as it requires immense skill and bravery from any driver who attempts it!

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