When Did Lincoln Make a Pickup Truck?

The Ford Motor Company introduced the first Lincoln pickup truck in 1938. The vehicle was called the Lincoln-Zephyr Pickup and it was a two-door, four-wheel drive light truck.

The design of the truck was based on the Lincoln Zephyr sedan. It was equipped with a V-8 engine and had a maximum payload capacity of 1,500 pounds.

The Lincoln-Zephyr Pickup came standard with a manual three-speed transmission, although it could also be ordered with an optional overdrive transmission. It had an overall length of 214 inches and a wheelbase of 119 inches. It weighed around 3,200 pounds and had seating for two.

In 1942, Ford stopped production of the Lincoln-Zephyr Pickup due to World War II. After the war ended, Ford reintroduced it in 1946 as the “Lincoln Pickup”. This model was slightly larger than its predecessor and featured a 115 horsepower V-8 engine with an optional overdrive transmission.

In 1951, Ford made some changes to the design of the truck. It now featured a three-speed manual transmission as standard and had an overall length of 218 inches with a wheelbase of 122 inches. The engine was upgraded to 140 horsepower and its payload capacity increased to 2,500 pounds.

The last version of the Lincoln pickup truck was produced in 1960. This version featured a 170 horsepower V-8 engine with an automatic transmission as standard equipment. Its overall length was 222 inches and its wheelbase measured 125 inches.


When Did Lincoln Make A Pickup Truck? The first Lincoln pickup truck was introduced in 1938 by Ford Motor Company and production ceased in 1960 when they discontinued their last version featuring an automatic transmission and 170 horsepower V-8 engine.

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