Where Are Drain Holes in Truck Bed?

The bed of a truck is a great place for carrying cargo and other items. But it can also be a source of water damage if not properly protected.

One way to protect the bed from water damage is to install drainage holes. Drain holes are designed to allow any water that accumulates in the truck bed to drain away, thus reducing the potential for damage.

Drain holes can be installed in several different locations in the truck bed. The first location is at the bottom of the bed, near where it meets the frame of the truck.

This is an ideal spot for drainage because it allows water to flow away from the truck rather than sitting in one spot. The second location is along the sides of the bed near where it meets the sides of the truck. This allows water to drain away from all sides.

Another location for drainage holes is on top of the bed, typically near where it meets with either the tailgate or cab. This will allow any water that accumulates on top of the bed to drain away as well. Depending on your particular make and model, there may be additional drainage points or locations you can take advantage of.

Drilling your own drainage holes into your truck’s bed may seem like a daunting task, but with a few basic tools and some patience you should have no problem getting it done right. Start by measuring out where you want your hole(s) to go, then use a drill bit that matches or slightly larger than your measurement (a 1/4 inch bit works great).

Drill slowly and steadily until you reach your desired depth and size. Once you’ve finished drilling, use a file or sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges before installing any rubber grommets or plugs.


In conclusion, installing drain holes in your truck’s bed can help protect against water damage and prolong its life span significantly. It’s important to install them correctly though – measure carefully before drilling and always use safety equipment such as eye protection when working with power tools. With some patience and time you can have drain holes installed in no time!

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