Where Did the Term Pickup Truck Come From?

The term ‘pickup truck’ is often used to refer to a type of light-duty truck with an open cargo bed in the rear. This type of vehicle has been around for over a century, but the term itself has only been used since the 1920s.

The first pickup trucks were developed in the early 1900s, during a period when automobiles were becoming more popular. These vehicles were designed to be utilitarian and provide a means for carrying goods or supplies from one place to another.

They were typically constructed from existing automobile bodies and chassis, with an open cargo bed added in the back.

The term ‘pickup truck’ was first used in the 1920s by Ford Motor Company, who referred to their light-duty vehicle as a ‘Model T Pickup’. The name stuck, and soon other automakers began using it as well.

By the 1930s, pickup trucks had become an established part of American culture.

Today, pickup trucks have become one of the most common types of vehicles on the road. They are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, from small compact models to large heavy-duty models designed for hauling large loads.


Where did the term ‘pickup truck’ come from? It was first used by Ford Motor Company in the 1920s to describe their light-duty vehicle model, and soon after it became part of American culture. Today, pickup trucks are among the most popular types of vehicles on the road due to their versatility and utility.

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