Where Do You Get a Monster Truck in GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online is a popular online game that allows players to explore an expansive open world and compete in various activities. One of the most popular activities in GTA Online is racing. Players can race against each other in a variety of vehicles, including cars, boats, and planes. One of the most exciting vehicles available for racing is the Monster Truck.

Monster trucks are large, powerful vehicles that can travel over almost any terrain. They are capable of crushing smaller cars and leaping over obstacles with ease. In GTA Online, they provide a unique experience to players who want to take on other players in races or stunts.

Unfortunately, Monster Trucks are not readily available in GTA Online.

Players must purchase them from special vendors or complete certain missions before they can access them. Players who want to purchase a Monster Truck must visit one of the special vendors located throughout the game world. These vendors typically have several different models available for purchase, ranging from basic models with basic features to fully customized models with special features such as nitrous boosts or extra armor plating.

Players who don’t have enough money to purchase a Monster Truck can still get their hands on one by completing certain missions or activities within GTA Online. Some missions involve driving Monster Trucks around the city or participating in off-road races with them. Other activities may include collecting specific items or delivering packages using a Monster Truck.


In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can get their hands on a Monster Truck by either purchasing one from one of the special vendors located throughout the game world or by completing certain missions or activities within the game itself. Purchasing one will give players access to all the features and capabilities that come with these powerful vehicles, while completing missions will give them access to some unique experiences.

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