Where Do You Store Generator on Truck Camper?

A generator is an essential component for any truck camper, as it provides power for lights, electronics and appliances when the truck isn’t in use. Knowing where to store your generator on a truck camper is important, as improper storage can lead to damage or even fires. Fortunately, there are a few safe and effective options for storing your generator on a truck camper.

Under the Truck Camper: The most common place to store your generator is under the truck camper. Generally, this is the safest option, as the generator will be out of sight and out of reach from those who may cause it harm.

It can also be securely locked up with a padlock to protect it from theft. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you’ll need to install some kind of exhaust system so that fumes don’t build up inside the camper.

In an External Generator Box: Another popular option is to store your generator in an external box attached to the back of your truck camper. This type of box typically has a lockable lid and can be installed on either side of the truck camper for easy access.

Some boxes also have vents so that fumes don’t build up inside. However, make sure there’s sufficient room between the box and any flammable materials like propane tanks.

On an Extended Platform: If you don’t want to attach a box to your truck camper or store it underneath, then consider building or buying an extended platform that attaches directly to the back of your vehicle. This will allow you to keep your generator off the ground and away from any combustible materials while still keeping it within reach when needed.


Where you store your generator on a truck camper depends on personal preference and safety requirements. The most popular options are under the truck camper, in an external box attached to its back, or on an extended platform attached directly onto its back. Whichever route you take make sure that there is enough room between any flammable materials and ensure proper ventilation if storing under the vehicle.

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