Where Does CB Antenna Go on Ram Pickup Truck?

A CB antenna is essential for a pickup truck equipped with a CB radio. Installing the antenna properly is important for maximizing the range and performance of the CB radio. On Ram pickup trucks, there are two locations typically used to mount the CB antenna: the hood or the bed of the truck.

Mounting a CB antenna on the hood of a Ram pickup truck involves drilling two holes in the hood panel. It’s important to use a self-tapping screw that is designed to be used in metal so that it won’t strip out during installation. The two screws should be placed far enough apart so that when tightening them down, they don’t pull together too much and warp or crack the panel. Once in place, you’ll need to adjust your antenna for best performance by adjusting the length and angle.

Mounting an antenna on the bed of a Ram pickup truck is more involved than mounting it on the hood, but it also provides better performance. The first step is to identify where you want to mount your antenna and measure for proper placement of mounting brackets and hardware. You’ll need to drill holes into your bed rail and install mounting brackets that have been designed specifically for this purpose. Once everything is mounted securely, you can then adjust your antenna for best performance.

No matter which location you choose, making sure that your CB antenna is properly mounted and adjusted will ensure maximum performance and efficiency from your CB radio setup.


Where Does CB Antenna Go on Ram Pickup Truck? A Ram pickup truck can have its CB antenna mounted either on its hood or bed, depending on user preference and availability of space. Care should be taken when installing an antenna as improper installation can lead to performance issues with the radio system, regardless of whether it’s mounted on the hood or bed of a Ram pickup truck.

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