Where Is Bigfoot the Monster Truck?

Bigfoot, the Monster Truck, has been a staple of the Monster Truck world since it was created in 1975. It has become an iconic part of American culture and is often seen as a symbol of strength and power.

The truck has appeared in movies, television shows, theme parks, and even had its own video game series. But what happened to Bigfoot? Where is it now?

Bigfoot’s original owner was Bob Chandler. He had the truck built for his family’s business, Midwest Four Wheel Drive & Performance Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Chandler took the truck to many different competitions throughout the mid-seventies and early eighties and won several awards for freestyle driving. During this time period Bigfoot also appeared in numerous television shows and movies such as Smokey and the Bandit II and The Dukes of Hazzard.

In 1986 Bob Chandler retired from competition driving and sold Bigfoot to a new owner, Dan Runte. Under Runte’s ownership the truck experienced a resurgence in popularity as he toured with it around the country. During this time Bigfoot also appeared in several video games such as Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction and Monster Jam: Urban Assault.

In 2007 Runte sold Bigfoot to its current owner Jim Kramer who has taken it on tour with his other monster trucks around America ever since. Unfortunately Kramer does not have access to some of the old parts that were used by Chandler or Runte so he can only do some basic maintenance on the truck when necessary.

Kramer is currently trying to find a new home for Bigfoot so that it can be restored to its original glory but he has yet to find someone willing to take on such an undertaking. Until then Bigfoot will continue touring with Kramer’s other monster trucks around America but its future remains uncertain.

Conclusion: While Bigfoot may not be competing in any competitions or appearing in any movies anymore, it still exists today thanks to Jim Kramer who is currently touring with it around America with his other monster trucks. However, until someone is willing to take on restoring it back to its former glory, its future remains uncertain.

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