Where Is the Spare Tire on a Pickup Truck?

Most pickup truck owners know that their vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, but might not be aware of where exactly that tire is located. A spare tire is typically found on the outside of the truck bed, underneath or behind the back bumper.

On some models, it may also be located inside the bed of the truck, and can be accessed through a locking panel.

No matter where the spare tire is located, it’s important to know how to access it in case of an emergency. For example, if you have a flat tire while on the road and need to replace it with your spare, you’ll need to know exactly where it is and how to remove it from its holder.

If your pickup truck has an outside-mounted spare tire, you should first locate its holder. The holder is usually located just behind or underneath the back bumper.

Depending on your truck model and make, there may be a lever or handle that needs to be pulled in order to open up the holder. Once opened, you will be able to remove the spare by pulling it out with two hands.

If your spare tire is mounted inside the truck bed, then you will need to identify the locking panel that provides access to it. This panel can usually be opened by inserting a key into its lock mechanism and turning. Once opened, you should be able to spot your spare right away.


Wherever your pickup truck’s spare tire is located — outside behind or underneath the bumper or inside in a locking panel — learning how to identify and access it could save you time and effort in an emergency situation. Knowing exactly where this vital piece of safety equipment can come in handy for any pickup truck owner.

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