Where Is the VIN Number on a Semi Truck?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a semi truck is a unique code that identifies the vehicle and is used to track its history. It’s important to know where the VIN is located on your truck, as it’s needed for registration and insurance purposes. Fortunately, the VIN for semi trucks is located in a few different places, making it easy to find.

The Door Jambs

One of the most common places to find a VIN on a semi truck is in the door jambs. The door jamb will usually have an adhesive label that contains both the VIN and the weight rating for the vehicle. This label can sometimes become worn over time, so if you don’t see it in this location, look elsewhere.

The Dashboard

Another place where you may find the VIN on your semi truck is on the dashboard. The VIN will be printed near or next to the driver’s side windshield and should be easy to spot. Since this area gets exposed to sunlight and other elements, there is a chance that it may have faded over time so it might not be visible.

The Engine Compartment

Some trucks also have their VINs printed on a label inside of the engine compartment. This label should be easily visible if you open up the hood of your truck and look around inside. It will usually be placed in an area near or around one of the engine components.


Knowing where to locate your semi truck’s VIN number can save you time when registering or insuring your vehicle. The easiest places to look are in the door jambs, dashboard, or engine compartment. With these locations in mind, finding your truck’s VIN should be quick and easy!

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