Which Is the Longest Monster Truck in the World?

The BigFoot Monster Truck:

BigFoot is the world’s longest monster truck and has been around since 1975. It is a full-size pick-up truck that has been modified with oversized tires, a custom suspension, and a powerful engine.

The BigFoot monster truck is capable of driving over almost any terrain and can reach speeds of up to 80 mph. It has become a popular attraction at monster truck shows and off-road events around the world.

BigFoot is owned and operated by Bob Chandler, who began his career in 1974 after building his own truck for local mud racing events. Since then, he has modified over 20 trucks, including the first ever Bigfoot monster truck that he built in 1975. The BigFoot Monster Truck was the first to feature oversized tires and a custom suspension system, which made it capable of performing stunts that other trucks could not do.

The current BigFoot Monster Truck is 18 feet long and weighs over 15,000 pounds. It has a custom-built chassis with an 8 foot tall suspension system and huge 63 inch tall tires.

These massive tires give the truck its iconic look and help it drive over almost anything in its path. The BigFoot Monster Truck also features an 8-cylinder 572 cubic inch engine that produces over 2,500 horsepower! This massive amount of power helps propel the truck to incredible speeds while performing stunts like wheelies, jumps, donuts, and more!

The BigFoot Monster Truck continues to be one of the most popular attractions at monster truck shows around the world due to its impressive size and ability to perform amazing stunts. It continues to be owned and operated by Bob Chandler who still enjoys taking it out for rides on occasion.

Conclusion: The BigFoot Monster Truck is currently the longest monster truck in the world measuring 18 feet long. It features an 8 foot tall suspension system with giant 63 inch tall tires that give it its iconic look while helping it drive over almost any terrain. With an 8-cylinder 572 cubic inch engine producing 2,500 horsepower it can reach incredible speeds while performing amazing stunts like wheelies, jumps and donuts!

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