Which Monster Truck Has the Most Wins?

Monster trucks have been around for years, and they’ve become an iconic symbol of motorsports entertainment. From the massive tires to the amazing stunts, these vehicles are a favorite among fans of all ages. But which one has the most wins?

The answer is Grave Digger. This legendary truck has won more than 150 championships in its long career, making it one of the most successful monster trucks ever.

Driven by Dennis Anderson since 1981, Grave Digger has been a fan favorite for decades. Anderson’s aggressive driving style and creative stunts make him one of the most popular drivers in the sport.

Grave Digger isn’t the only truck with a lot of wins under its belt. Monster Jam legend Maximum Destruction (Max-D) has earned over 100 championships since its debut in 2002. Driven by Tom Meents, this vehicle has become known for its “Big Air” stunts and powerful engine.

Another Monster Jam staple is El Toro Loco (ETL). This truck has been around since 2003 and is driven by Mark List. ETL has earned dozens of championships in its career and is beloved by fans for its crazy paint jobs and wild driving style.


When it comes to monster trucks, Grave Digger is king with more than 150 championships under its belt. But Max-D and El Toro Loco aren’t far behind with over 100 and dozens of wins respectively. These three legendary trucks have become synonymous with monster truck racing, thrilling fans everywhere with their incredible stunts and powerful engines.

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